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Matunda Ya Kwanzaa - First Fruits

We are around three months into the launch of Rhiannon Farms, and we are now seeing the “matunda ya kwanza” (first fruits) of our labors. With Kenyan partners Maureen and Silas leading the groundwork on our first harvest and sales, partnering with local farmers in and around Nairobi, and securing our distribution chain by contracting with local delivery drivers, we now have some sales to report and a sustainable and scalable product and service line established.

Maureen has launched the prototype garden and sourcing chain for Rhiannon, as well as connected us to our first clients, local Kenyan businesses and individuals looking for fresh, organic, fair trade, and sustainable products for their kitchens, restaurants, and tables. Silas has put into place the logistics to make our prototype scalable and marketable and assisted Maureen in creating our first sales report for the board.

Meanwhile, Krista has created our website and established and promoted our social media accounts, and Ryan and Krys have financed the early stages of the work, with Ryan also leading the way on designing the footprint for our future greenhouses. With Krys, Roni, and Krista writing and publishing the blog to report our progress so far, our team has accomplished much in a very short time.

After having completed these first steps in the business plan, what’s next for Rhiannon Farms? Well, we are currently working on a more professional logo design, and we would love to partner with someone in graphic design on this portion of the project. We also want to design Rhiannon Farms t-shirts that promote sustainability and local business in Nairobi. In addition, Krys, Roni, and Krista are working on updating the blog and creating some video and podcast content in the near future. We would love to partner with someone who has knowledge of video and audio recording with home studios for YouTube or for podcasting. And of course, we are looking for investment partners who wish to launch their own farm using our startup model and resources. If any of these apply to you, please contact us. Priority is given to Kenyans living in and around Nairobi to help with these projects.

We look forward to sharing updates with you on an ongoing basis, so if you would like to receive regular updates, please


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