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Rhiannon Farms is an educational cooperative focused on fair-trade, economic empowerment, and sustainable farming practices in the Nairobi, Kenya area.

Our priority is to better our communities by ensuring that we do what's right for our members, customers, employees, and our neighbors. That means paying our employees an actual living wage and not cutting corners. We are also encouraging sustainability practices with our agricultural education program. We recognize that businesses can have negative impacts on the environment. We have a deep concern for the environment and promote a broad sustainability agenda so as to enhance our triple bottom line (people, planet, profit.) We are committed to developing ways in which we can reduce the impact of our work in the office, in our environment, our communities, and stakeholders.

At Rhiannon Farms, we plan to have an on-site sustainable farming seminars for groups and individuals. During the events, we will have hands-on learning about farming on large and small scales in the local area. However, methods are applicable to many other areas in similar climates! 

The produce that is grown on the farm will then be sold to local farmer's markets, directly to customers through grocery delivery service, in our local café. We are also partnering with other local farmers to provide a wide variety of goods.

Our Mission

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